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03 Nov

L.A. CAPRA welcomes new Community Partners: Maggie Cervantes and Rosario Quintanilla!

24 April

L.A. CAPRA’s Catherine Sarkisian honored at the 2014 Society of Internal Medicine Meeting

1 April

L.A. CAPRA’s Carmen Reyes selected to serve on PCORI Advisory Panel on Addressing Disparities

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Welcome to L.A. CAPRA!

The Los Angeles Community Academic Partnership for Research in Aging (L.A. CAPRA) is a collaboration between the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Charles Drew University, City of Los Angeles Department of Aging (DOA), and Partners in Care Foundation. L.A. CAPRA was created in 2010 with a grant from the National Institute on Aging (NIA).

Our unique academic–community partnership is rooted in deep mutual respect and a shared vision for implementing and testing practical evidence-based interventions to empower older adults to stay as active and healthy as possible. With our interdisciplinary scientific team and vast network of community partners, L.A. CAPRA provides critical infrastructure to facilitate and implement community-partnered research across the (arguably) largest and most ethnically diverse urban center in the United States. With partner Multipurpose Senior Centers in every single council district (15) across Los Angeles – we have potential to reach 669,747 seniors aged sixty years and older with our innovative programs.


The Los Angeles Community Academic Partnership for Research in Aging (L.A. CAPRA) creates, tests, and implements culturally responsive programs designed to promote improved health and quality of life for older adults.


Healthy older adults; vibrant communities.